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Are you searching for a locksmith to help you rekey your locks? Greenville technicians boasts of being the only reliable locksmith company in the entire Greenville SC region. Lock rekeying is a process where the inside combination of a lock is changed. This means that the current keys used to open the lock will be useless. Rekeying locks has been one of the most demanded services. This is mainly because it is the easiest and cheapest way to enhance security in your car, home or office. With just a call at 864-202-4806, you can get all the locksmith services you need.


However, you must understand that there is a difference between lock rekey and lock change services. Lock rekeying involves getting a new set of keys to open your current lock. Lock change on the other hand involves uninstalling the current lock system and Rekeying it a new set of locks. Whereas both aim at getting a new set of keys, rekeying a lock is much cheaper.

There are various reasons why you need to re-key your lock.

Some of the instances are;

  • When you have lost your keys
  • When you have fired an employee
  • When your security is being compromised
  • When entering a new home
  • When you have loaned out your spare key
  • When you have bought a second-hand car

Locksmith Greenville guarantees the best locks rekey services. First, we will provide you with high quality keys. The material used to make a key determines its quality and durability. There are keys that break or bend when you twist them inside the lock. Our locksmiths will cut a new set of keys from high quality material. The second thing is that you can order as many keys as possible. We are a trustworthy locksmith company; we will only produce the requested number of keys.

We offer these services to all clients. We offer commercial, automobile and residential lock rekey services. Unlike other locksmiths that specialize in just a single area of service, we are universal. Do you want to rekey your business, home or car locks? We are the best lock smiths to consult for all your needs.

We also offer

Emergency lock rekey services. What would you do if you lost your car, or home keys in the middle of the night? Although most people panic and get stressed, all you need to do is call a lock smith near you. Our Greenville technicians is always near you. With just a call, you are assured of a solution in the next 10 minutes. With our fleet of cars, we are able to cover all the parts of Greenville SC. Wherever you are, be assured we are less than 10 minutes away.

We offer the most reliable lock re-key services at the most competitive prices. As a 24 hour locksmiths, it is our responsibility to offer locks re-key services both day and night without asking for an extra cost. We don’t have hidden charges. Call us at 864-202-4806 to get a free quote of our lock rekey services.

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