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Besides lock installation services, we are also professionals in repairing locks. Sometimes, your lock may fail to open. There are various reasons for lock failure. It may be a normal failure due to aging or other technical reasons. Whichever the reason, our locksmiths are professionals in ensuring that your locks are repaired and working properly. Locksmith Greenville offers a wide selection of lock repair services.

lock repairEmergency lock repair services

There are times that you urgently need a lock repair expert. Imagine you are locked out of your home in the middle of the night due to lock failure. Your lock may also fail to open while you are trying to access your office. Don’t be stressed on what to do, just call a professional lock smith near you. We are your local locksmith in Greenville SC. We have a large team of locksmiths located in all parts of the city. In fact, our technicians is just a call away from your home or office. We are less than 15 minutes away from your destination. We are the best in attending to emergency lockouts as we guarantee to be at your place in less than 10 minutes after receiving your call. Try us by dialing 864-202-4806 now.

Commercial lock repair services

Any lock failure in an office interferes with the normal running of your business. If not urgently solved, you may lose a lot of your time and money. That’s why Greenville technicians is always ready to repair your locks whenever they are not working properly. We will arrive at your office within the shortest time possible with all the necessary equipment to solve your problem. We are professionals in repairing all kinds of locks; ordinary and high quality locks.


Residential lock repair services

repair a lock

We have extended our lock repair services even to home owners. Do you have a problem related to your home locks? How are your home safe locks working? In case they have a problem, call us to repair them for you.



Automotive lock repair services

car lock repair

We also repair car locks. We handle locks from all types of cars, trucks and motorcycle. We understand all types of car lock systems; be assured we have a solution to your car lock problem.

Our lock repair services involve 3 major solutions;

Lock change

We may opt to change your lock if the locks are damaged beyond repair. This is mainly when you have a broken lock that cannot be repaired. However, our experienced locksmith will first ascertain that indeed the lock is damaged beyond repair. Lock change involves uninstalling the current lock and replacing it with a new lock system.

Key reprogramming

This service is offered to the remote controlled locks. Are you having problems with your biometric or magnetic locks? Our locksmith in Greenville has the skills to reprogram these keys and ensure that they are back to their normal working.

Lock re-keying

Locksmith Greenville will offer lock rekey services in case you have lost or misplaced your locks. We will rekey your locks and offer you a new set of keys.All these services are offered at a very competitive price. Call us on 864-202-4806 for a free estimate of your lock concerns.

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